LED Motion Light Bar


While this LED Motion light bar can be placed in lots of different locations, I decided to try it in the closet.

It was easy to install, has a 3M adhesive strip to attach to the desired spot.
It was simple to attach it to a shelf in the closet.
Energy saving and good for the environment as it can be charged by USB cable via phone charger or PC/laptop USB port(comes with USB cable)

The bar has an on/off switch and to save power I left it off until I was ready to use.
To test it out I turned the switch to  ON so it came on right way.
Stayed on for 10 seconds.

I waited to see if it would come back on but it didn’t.

The instructions say motion activated up to 15 feet but that did not work for me…no matter how many times I tried.
Walked back and forth and nothing happened, only waving my hand in front activated it.

Video in use


The LED Motion Light Bar    comes in silver and gold.

The light bar provides quite enough light to get the job done(closet wise) not sure how it would work in a hallway or patio if the motion sensors aren’t working.
I give it 3.5 stars.

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What Yonder Light Breaks?

Well what motion sensing light shines so brightly?
This one!!


This is amazing.
Thought I had batteries for it but didn’t, ran around the house collecting some.
They are easy to insert,just slide the back off, pop in and you are ready to go.
Well first stick the scone on the wall of whatever room/area you need it.

I tried this in our small dark Potterest closets. Our house is older so we have small closets with no light. You have to turn on the room light…which is a pain when someone else is sleeping.
I usually pick my outfits for the next day ahead of time but sometimes a lady needs a wardrobe change…..and one top of being noisy, I need light.

I can see from one end of the closet to the other. I can find exactly what I need, even on the ground.


The lights are tiny but give a great range.
Will work for patios/decks, garage, hallways, bathrooms pantry, linen closets, laundry rooms, you name it!

Comes in a 2 pack, white or warm white.
I am very impressed.

Kitclan stick anywhere motion light