Items for Sale Size 12 Charcoal AGB Dress

Wear to work, carry on to dinner. Polyester/rayon/spandex, polyester lining Machine wash Square neckline with gathering, back zipper closure, cap sleeves Removable belt Fitted sheath silhouette, hits above knee

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Cottage Pie

I love Cottage or Shepherd’s pie.  While one is made with mince meat and the other with lamb/mutton/stew beef depending on where you are they all make a delicious filling meal.

For this one we’ll switch it up with ground turkey.


English potatoes, Carrots(optional,we mashed these with the potatoes,Onions, Frozen or fresh mixed vegetables(peas, carrots) Ground Turkey, Curry power, Paprika, Pink salt, Olive oil or pam.




Recipe to come soon!

Advil Film-Coated Rapid Release Pills

I can not take most types of pain killers. Advil is one I  can take in moderation so I need it to work the first time. No taking more pills because the original dosage didn’t work.

I take it for minor aches, headaches and the occasional sinus pain.

Lately the pollen is terrible, the temperatures are all over the place and my face hurts. Sometimes I have to go lay down.  It can be a bit crippling

I take 2 Advil and 95% of the time the pain goes away.

I’ve been slowly getting back into  working out and boy do I need this. I really do!


Another plus is that it’s gentle on my stomach! I highly recommend it.

I received this sample and coupons to share from Crowdtap and Advil.20160418_002300_resized

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Nothing quite like a bowl of soup.

I love making soup and chicken vegetable is one of the favourites at our house.

I use whatever vegetables are on hand  if it’s a quick “cook up”  or plan it around a shopping  trip.

Ingredients for this :

Seasoned chicken legs, thighs or breast,english potatoes,sweet potatoes,carrots, celery,onions, garlic, *chayote,*cabbage, thyme, cumin or curry powder, pink salt.

*I use these two when it’s a low carb soup!

Optional: vegetable or chicken stock..Most times I use water.


Recipe instructions to follow at a later date…….stay tuned!