Sunglass and Eyeglass Storage

Absolutely love this pair of sunglass storage cases.  Love them!

It comes in two sizes so you can fit small/large sunglasses or reading glasses.

Also small enough that carrying them in most handbags/backpacks and medium to bigger crossbody bags won’t be a problem.

They fold up/collapse when not in use and save so much space.

The case material is hard so I know I won’t break my sunglasses when I accidentally sit on them….or step on them.
And the way it opens up into a triangular shape makes breaking them even less likely.
Inside is a nice soft fabric that won’t scratch or ruin lenses.

These would also be great for travel.
Not a big deal but I didn’t receive the cleaning cloth that usually comes with the item.



These RoryTory cases come in about six different patterns.

RoryTory 2 piece sunglass/eyeglass storage