Deals for Pets

I will add some more in another post as I find them.  Enjoy!

Cat toys

Nasus Cat Teaser Wand and Catnip Toy   $5.88

Butterfly   toy $9.99

Mats for food and litter

Vichy and JoyJuly paw shape mats/paw print mats green ,grey mat , aqua mat

green ,  grey  , aqua   I have them and love them.  Prices range from $3.59-$4.99

For the pups!

Retractable dog  leash  $6.76

Didog adjustable harness  For small/medium dogs $8.33  

Personalized Dog Collar – Engraved Soft Leather in Small, Medium or Large Size, Pink or Red ID Collar $2.99

ZQ waterproof  seat cover    $6.17

Larger seat cover  great for trucks $14.70

For all the fur babies!

Collapsible  water/food  bowl  $7.99

Travel     water bottle  $3.80

Lifepul(TM)     cat/dog mat  $14.09

Vangardio  thermal mat  comes with bonus glove and brush $12.25    


Dimayar Insulated Lunch Bag (2 pc)

Food, Fashion and Fun! Lots of fun!

This 2 piece set from Dimayar is nice, compact and still holds enough for a good lunch, snack, small water bottle and maybe fruit.20161104_105231

I was able to use an ice pack,  1 medium square container, one small round container and fruit.

Another day I carried a microwaveable meal and fruit and snack.  After lunch I was able to wipe out the lunch bag and fold it into my work handbag.

I also carried a sandwich and fruit another day.

Now keep in mind they are insulated and won’t keep foods hot/cold , still use an ice pack.

Also since it’s a more compact  set you won’t fit lots into it.

A great bonus of having 2 is if one gets really messy and can’t be used the next day you always have a back up.

Easy to clean, store and transport.

Check out the Dimayar Lunch bags

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Flora Mcqueen Cinch Bag

Food, Fashion and Fun! Lots of fun!

Great cinch bag.
Looks and feels well made. The stitching looks good.
I especially like how the drawstring part is thicker and sturdier than any I’ve ever seen.20160730_191117_resized

Love that it has days of the week and each day has a face/emotion!
Also the colour means that I can take it to the gym/pool/outdoors and stains won’t show up as easily.

It can hold quite a number of items.
As soon as I got it I took it to the gym for my aqua class and hanging by the pool.
I have no worries about it getting wet and stinky.
It fit a beach towel, swimsuit,board shorts, water shoes, toiletry bag, cover up, goggles, water bottle and snack with room to spare.

It can lay flat or hang to dry..especially after pool time.

Think I’ll use it for hikes,trips to museums as well since it didn’t dig into my shoulders.

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