Coffee Scoop


Who loves coffee and has been using kcups way too much? Me

Who doesn’t want the hassle of ground coffee? Me

Who is lazy? Me
It can get so messy and takes so much time to scoop, measure etc

I don’t like it at all..

While kcups are quick, sometimes the taste of a freshly ground beans is the extra boost I need but usually avoid because of time and mess.

Well look what I found! Coffee scoop
This great coffee(ground and beans) tea, cream and sugar scoop.

The Ceramic handle coffee scoop  is amazing. It’s wide and sturdy enough without being cumbersome. It has a great design.

I’ve used it many times and no spills(even had paper towels at the ready) because there is nothing more time consuming than cleaning up spilt coffee grounds…well other things are time consuming I am just being dramatic!

The mouth of the scoop is wide and it’s deep enough.

I just realised I’ve used it 3-4 times a day since it came in the mail.

While the pods are quick and no mess, I’ve found this is  just as quick.

I don’t even mind washing out the reusable kcup to add more grounds and rinse and repeat.

Look how well I did first thing in the morning, groggy and all lol   Scoop in action!

I love it so much!!!! 5 stars.

And as a bonus you’ll receive a coffee and tea recipe ebook.

And coffee is great! My husband suggested we look for more ground coffee.

*I received this product at a discount.

Buy here

Pepper Lover Shirt

I got this Ann Arbor 3/4 sleeve shirt for the pepper pictures on the front!
I love food and as an island girl peppers are my thing! I see Scotch Bonnet aka bonney pepper up there!!
The colours and shapes are bright and well done.

Pepper Lover Heart Tshirt

Two small complaints.
1.The sleeves are a bit tight.
This says v-neck but the neckline is really as in the picture.
2. It has an unfinished look. While it looks neatly “unfinished” in the picture, it’s a bit more tattered in person. No biggie!
The fabric is of a nice quality as well.


The bottom almost gives it a sweatshirt type finish which I love!
I would go up a size larger for a more relaxed fit or off the shoulder look and if you want to wear a t-shirt under.
Stay true to size for a slightly fitted look.20161111_180946-1_resized (2).jpg

It says hand wash but if you have to put it in the machine do wash on cold or eco warm and lay flat or hang to dry….I wouldn’t recommend drying as this may shrink.

Dimayar Insulated Lunch Bag (2 pc)

This 2 piece set from Dimayar is nice, compact and still holds enough for a good lunch, snack, small water bottle and maybe fruit.20161104_105231

I was able to use an ice pack,  1 medium square container, one small round container and fruit.

Another day I carried a microwaveable meal and fruit and snack.  After lunch I was able to wipe out the lunch bag and fold it into my work handbag.

I also carried a sandwich and fruit another day.

Now keep in mind they are insulated and won’t keep foods hot/cold , still use an ice pack.

Also since it’s a more compact  set you won’t fit lots into it.

A great bonus of having 2 is if one gets really messy and can’t be used the next day you always have a back up.

Easy to clean, store and transport.

Check out the Dimayar Lunch bags

NutriChef Grill and Roaster

I decided to make breakfast on the grill, sure sure I know you can do fish, steak and all that but I’m different so why not? Woot!

To prep I took off the drip pan and rack , washed them and set to dry overnight.

Replaced them the next morning, plugged grill in and got to work.

I tried 3 slices of turkey bacon and 2 turkey sausage links.

I added water to the drip pan(do not get water on the coil),placed the slices and links on the rack and set it for 15 mins on the meat setting.20161008_134733

I checked every 5 minutes because I wasn’t sure how quickly the meat would cook and didn’t want it to burn.

First 4 mins  Looking good!

Came back again around the 9 minute mark and 2 slices of the bacon were close to burning. I realised after that this was where the coil was really close to the rack.

Checking on the goodies

I removed those overdone slices and left the rest on for a bit longer.

Took them off a few mins later and here are the results

A few things I noticed the coils are not evenly placed.  The left side is higher than the right which caused  the food on one side to be done before the other.

Also the drip pan and cover do not align.  Not sure why this is.

The links and slices(that weren’t burnt) had a really nice flavour and were still very nice and moist.

I will try some green vegetables next. Stay turned for that video!

Check it out the Nutrichef Grill and Roaster

*discount sample received for testing purposes.