Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Since living in the United States I noticed every Christmas there is a quest for ugly sweaters and people buying expensive  or asking around to borrow.

I don’t get this but who am I to judge?   *slightly judging lol

Here is this  men’s(anyone can wear) Home Alone  sweater from Amazon for $5.50.  Small and Medium only.


Small available Jan 28.

Filthy Animal in different colours and prices up to $12.  Also a Pokemon!


Star Wars and Reindeer sweaters. $1.50-5.


Fake Sweater T-shirt. Light blue/red. Prices range from$4-23.



Some of these will have shipping attached so just make a note.


Sunglass and Eyeglass Storage

Absolutely love this pair of sunglass storage cases.  Love them!

It comes in two sizes so you can fit small/large sunglasses or reading glasses.

Also small enough that carrying them in most handbags/backpacks and medium to bigger crossbody bags won’t be a problem.

They fold up/collapse when not in use and save so much space.

The case material is hard so I know I won’t break my sunglasses when I accidentally sit on them….or step on them.
And the way it opens up into a triangular shape makes breaking them even less likely.
Inside is a nice soft fabric that won’t scratch or ruin lenses.

These would also be great for travel.
Not a big deal but I didn’t receive the cleaning cloth that usually comes with the item.



These RoryTory cases come in about six different patterns.

RoryTory 2 piece sunglass/eyeglass storage

Pepper Lover Shirt

I got this Ann Arbor 3/4 sleeve shirt for the pepper pictures on the front!
I love food and as an island girl peppers are my thing! I see Scotch Bonnet aka bonney pepper up there!!
The colours and shapes are bright and well done.

Pepper Lover Heart Tshirt

Two small complaints.
1.The sleeves are a bit tight.
This says v-neck but the neckline is really as in the picture.
2. It has an unfinished look. While it looks neatly “unfinished” in the picture, it’s a bit more tattered in person. No biggie!
The fabric is of a nice quality as well.


The bottom almost gives it a sweatshirt type finish which I love!
I would go up a size larger for a more relaxed fit or off the shoulder look and if you want to wear a t-shirt under.
Stay true to size for a slightly fitted look.20161111_180946-1_resized (2).jpg

It says hand wash but if you have to put it in the machine do wash on cold or eco warm and lay flat or hang to dry….I wouldn’t recommend drying as this may shrink.

Cable Knit Beanie

*Old Post

I ordered this beanie in black and have to say it arrived so much earlier than expected. The reported time was Feb 1. It was here before the 31st of December.



As I removed it from the package I noticed it was well made. The nicely braided strap decoration(not sure it’s leather) is pretty and the crest at the sides is quite a nice touch and breaks up the all black.
Upon further inspection I saw a few synthetic hairs inside and some glue.
I decided to wash it on a short cycle(I placed it in a mesh laundry bag)
I also dried it on delicate(in the same laundry bag)
It held up pretty well, the strap did not come off and the the knit stayed well put.
The glue is still there but I don’t think that will be much bother.

Yesterday and today were the coldest days so far and I am happy I had the beanie. It can slouch to the left, right or back , whatever my mood is 🙂
And it stretches enough to cover my ears!

This could just be me but I found it dried out and left my hair a bit frizzy. I’ll need to line it so it doesn’t tangle my hair. * I have curly hair.

I can’t wait to wear it this fall/winter.  I tried but it’s still too hot lol

Knitted Poncho Cape

This  cape is very versatile and can fit many sizes.

It can be worn as a shawl, pashmina,large scarf, wrap, oversized cardigan or whatever style you come up with.

Dress it up for a night on the town or go casual with jeans.

This one is black/white on one side and grey/black on the other. It’s like having two different capes.

Great for games, picnics, bonfires, bbqs.

Now if you are like me and your scarves/ponchos unravel,add a brooch to the front. It will keep it secure and your hands are free!   Win Win!


Another good thing about this is it’s great for travel, does not take up much space at all. It folds up  and can be tucked into a suitcase, weekend bag, even a handbag.

Also great for those times when it’s cold and you need a  coat/warmth but when you get to your destination it’s too hot to keep the coat on.  This poncho comes in very handy!

When I took it out of the package there was a very strong smell coming from it.

I let it air out for a few days and then it wasn’t as bad.

If you do have to wash this I would suggest, hand wash or a very gentle cycle on cold and lay flat to dry.

Also lint attaches to this quickly so keeping a lint roller nearby isn’t a bad idea.


Poncho Shawl

Now if certain fabrics make you itchy, wearing long sleeves with this is a must.

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