Queen of Kinks, Curls & Coils ~ Your Dry Hair Days Are Over Set

It comes in such a beautiful box(that I reuse to keep hair bands and combs in) the containers are a good size and it’s quality product.
I don’t use shampoo very often because it just makes my hair so dry. The Moisturising Sulfate Free Shampoo is good to my hair. Didn’t leave it feeling stripped and over dry at all.
The Pre-Poo Detangler and Nourishing Conditioner is easy to apply and I used my fingers to rake the product through, no comb needed.

After using both of them my hair was very soft and felt like it didn’t even need any leave in product. But I was skeptical lol and still wanted to use it so I added the leave in conditioner.

The instructions caution not to be too heavy handed with it.
My hair felt like a cloud.

My favourite of the whole line is the Leave in Moisturising Conditioner. It works well and the smell is amazing! Look  how I had to get the last bit from the container.20160811_104838-1_resized1

My husband gave me a hug a few days ago and said oh what is that smell?
I said excuse me????
He said it’s a light citrusy type scent and smells really nice!

I preened!
I said oh that is the set you encouraged me to buy on Amazon from Neo-Naturals. He said he liked it 🙂

Another plus is that I’ve added some leave in every few days and unlike with other products, I do not have the terrible build up.
It comes with a mini booklet of instructions on ways to use the products.

PS I should add as I type this I am sitting with the Pre-Poo Detangler and Nourishing Conditioner in my hair, getting ready to wash in a few.

The set is on sale right now for $10!!!  4 full size products!

Originally $99!!!!!  71jwl1qv9ul-_sx522_

I’ve bought the set twice and just the leave in  conditioner a few times.

I found out the line won’t be sold  anymore after December so this is a great time to purchase. They can also be bought individually.