Cable Knit Beanie

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I ordered this beanie in black and have to say it arrived so much earlier than expected. The reported time was Feb 1. It was here before the 31st of December.



As I removed it from the package I noticed it was well made. The nicely braided strap decoration(not sure it’s leather) is pretty and the crest at the sides is quite a nice touch and breaks up the all black.
Upon further inspection I saw a few synthetic hairs inside and some glue.
I decided to wash it on a short cycle(I placed it in a mesh laundry bag)
I also dried it on delicate(in the same laundry bag)
It held up pretty well, the strap did not come off and the the knit stayed well put.
The glue is still there but I don’t think that will be much bother.

Yesterday and today were the coldest days so far and I am happy I had the beanie. It can slouch to the left, right or back , whatever my mood is ­čÖé
And it stretches enough to cover my ears!

This could just be me but I found it dried out and left my hair a bit frizzy. I’ll need to line it so it doesn’t tangle my hair. * I have curly hair.

I can’t wait to wear it this fall/winter.┬á I tried but it’s still too hot lol

Harris Teeter Holiday Game!

It’s back!


┬áHarris Teeter’s fun game.┬á You┬á spin and try to match the ingredients for recipes to win.

Play for gift cards, coupons, recipes, and more! 




Grand prizes include:
$1,000 Harris Teeter gift card
2,000 coupon books with over $100 in savings

They have hidden Harris Teeter gift cards inside the game for you to find as you play. So go ahead – spin, match, and enjoy!


What Yonder Light Breaks?

Well what motion sensing light shines so brightly?
This one!!


This is amazing.
Thought I had batteries for it but didn’t, ran around the house collecting some.
They are easy to insert,just slide the back off, pop in and you are ready to go.
Well first stick the scone on the wall of whatever room/area you need it.

I tried this in our small dark Potterest closets. Our house is older so we have small closets with no light. You have to turn on the room light…which is a pain when someone else is sleeping.
I usually pick my outfits for the next day ahead of time but sometimes a lady needs a wardrobe change…..and one top of being noisy, I need light.

I can see from one end of the closet to the other. I can find exactly what I need, even on the ground.


The lights are tiny but give a great range.
Will work for patios/decks, garage, hallways, bathrooms pantry, linen closets, laundry rooms, you name it!

Comes in a 2 pack, white or warm white.
I am very impressed.

Kitclan stick anywhere motion light


AVEENO┬« Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm

While my case of eczema can be considered mild compared to some it still affects me.

Dry itchy patches can make a girl feel less then pretty some days.

I applied the AVEENO® Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm on certain spots that can be dry and itchy. And it does give relief.av_eczema-care_itch-relief-balm_311g_62600964632-transparent-bigimg

I developed an itchy patch on my cheek, I tried not to itch and would gently rub the spot but it just got more and more irritated.


I applied the balm and it helped with the itching. I found it also helped the dry spot. It didn’t take much and went on smoothly.
And it’s pretty much better.15044640_10157687324075147_1075227216_o1

I’ve also used(asked my husband to rub it on dry spots on my back) and it provides needed relief.

It’s not overly greasy, has a mild scent and applies evenly.


I received this sample from Crowdtap.

EZI Nightgown

One of the reasons I like this nightgown is because it’s great for sleeping in and also perfect for lounging during the day. Perfect!
If guests show up unexpectedly you don’t have to scramble because you are looking ratty,dishevled etc etc20160720_203400_resized

The fabric is soft and it’s comfortable.
Depending on how tall you are it will hit above, right at or below the knee.
I got the nightgown with blue flowers and dots. It’s gorgeous.
It has one pocket to keep your phone or snacks.20160720_203355_resized
The stitching is pretty good.

Alas I need a new one because my mum who is visiting fell in love with it and took it!



EZI Nightgown

Dimayar Insulated Lunch Bag (2 pc)

This 2 piece set from Dimayar is nice, compact and still holds enough for a good lunch, snack, small water bottle and maybe fruit.20161104_105231

I was able to use an ice pack,  1 medium square container, one small round container and fruit.

Another day I carried a microwaveable meal and fruit and snack.  After lunch I was able to wipe out the lunch bag and fold it into my work handbag.

I also carried a sandwich and fruit another day.

Now keep in mind they are insulated and won’t keep foods hot/cold , still use an ice pack.

Also since it’s a more compact┬á set you won’t fit lots into it.

A great bonus of having 2 is if one gets really messy and can’t be used the next day you always have a back up.

Easy to clean, store and transport.

Check out the Dimayar Lunch bags

Pure Clean Handheld Steamer

Does bathroom,tiles,windows and clothing!!

It came at the right time! The home we moved into is decades old and the bathroom tile can always use some extra help.
Now while it did get some of the stuff off,it’s not quite an easy feat. I was able to wipe some of the build up off but not enough.
And took almost as much hard work as scrubbing with a brush.
I do like that it has attachments that can reach into the grooves of the tile.

I also used it on a dress that was packed away for a bit. I thought I used too much steam/water but after going back I could see lots of the wrinkles were gone! I think this will be my main use.

Pros: Multiple uses, bathroom, windows, tiles, sinks,kitchen floors and clothes
Lots of attachments.
Easy to fill.
The cord is nice and long and helps with moving from one end of shower or floor to the next. Also comes in handy if you don’t have outlets close to where you will steam your garments/fabrics.

Cons: Instructions were so so and a bit confusing for me.
Didn’t work as well on the shower as well as I expected.

If you have previous use with a steamer this may be very easy for you.

Multipurpose Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing, Deodorizing and Disinfecting