Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

The hummingbird feeder was very easy to put together!
It also adds a nice touch to our plain backyard…which was sorely needed.

The feeder has 5  flower feeding ports and 5 circular perches so that attracts  more happy hummingbirds and holds about 13 oz of nectar.

The nectar can be bought or made at home.

The  strong cable  can be hung on a hook or a branch. It’s wide enough for a mid size branch as well. You can even use a nail.

It came with a brush that aids in cleaning. Which is also a breeze!
Just take it apart and clean, let dry and refill.

Love this addition to our backyard.

It pretty much goes anywhere. I moved it to different areas to see which one I liked best and then thought I can move it whenever the mood hits.

The CHILIPET hummingbird feeder  comes in red or copper.