Canvas Art

Love this London canvas showcasing Big Ben, parliament buildings and a double decker red bus!

It takes me back to living in England.
The packaged arrived very quickly.
One of the most impressive things was how the canvas was wrapped and protected.

Believe it or not this was the last layer of protection!

I don’t think anything could have happened to it.
Not a scratch or dent(although I put 2 in it with careless handling)

Most of it is black and white and the red double decker just pops out.

I have such found memories and this brings a smile to my face each time I see it.

Get it here!  London canvas

Also a video

It’s not too big or too small, just right for an office or to add to a gallery.

It has a hook on the back for easy hanging.
I also put it in the window and it looked great.

LED Motion Light Bar


While this LED Motion light bar can be placed in lots of different locations, I decided to try it in the closet.

It was easy to install, has a 3M adhesive strip to attach to the desired spot.
It was simple to attach it to a shelf in the closet.
Energy saving and good for the environment as it can be charged by USB cable via phone charger or PC/laptop USB port(comes with USB cable)

The bar has an on/off switch and to save power I left it off until I was ready to use.
To test it out I turned the switch to  ON so it came on right way.
Stayed on for 10 seconds.

I waited to see if it would come back on but it didn’t.

The instructions say motion activated up to 15 feet but that did not work for me…no matter how many times I tried.
Walked back and forth and nothing happened, only waving my hand in front activated it.

Video in use


The LED Motion Light Bar    comes in silver and gold.

The light bar provides quite enough light to get the job done(closet wise) not sure how it would work in a hallway or patio if the motion sensors aren’t working.
I give it 3.5 stars.

Buy LED Motion Light Bar

Leader Accessories Sofa Cover

Great for households with pets or small kids.

Planning on getting new furniture?  This would be great!

We recently bought new furniture and while keeping in mind we have 2 cats, my husband fell in love with this sofa …….he-9636-3

After hours deciding we went with this and a lighter coloured sofa.

We figured we could add throws/blankets to keep the fur off as much as we can.

They only helped so much.
Saw this pet sofa cover for review on Tomoson at a discount and thought hey let me try it!

Now while it’s a wee bit too small for this  recliner sofa( bulky but soft) it still covers the most important parts, the seat, arm rest/sides,front and back rest.20170104_173800-1_resized


The cover is soft to the touch and great for not only fur but to prevent any  dirt,spills/accidents from reaching the sofa whether caused by humans or cats

It has a nice quilt pattern and the  colour is great for most decors.You can chose tan of coffee from the site.

It can be laundered or just use a lint brush. Even just shake it outside.

There are 4 small pillow(foam) pieces which allow you to insert them into the sides and back of the sofa to keep it in place.

If you do this on the bigger recliners, the back will surely keep falling down.  On a regular sofa no such problems.


Our boy cat Booster was so excited, he jumped up right away and inspected it.

I think he approves.  He tried to help me set it in place which took forever!



Sometimes unless their white fur was showing it was hard to tell if they on the couch!





It is so easy to put on and take off.  No having to stretch or tie to fit over the sofa.

It’s says water repellant and soil proof. Use common sense though, don’t throw a glass of wine on it to “test” or plop a wet animal  just to see.

Check out the Leader Accessories  sofa/loveseat/chair cover here.








What Yonder Light Breaks?

Well what motion sensing light shines so brightly?
This one!!


This is amazing.
Thought I had batteries for it but didn’t, ran around the house collecting some.
They are easy to insert,just slide the back off, pop in and you are ready to go.
Well first stick the scone on the wall of whatever room/area you need it.

I tried this in our small dark Potterest closets. Our house is older so we have small closets with no light. You have to turn on the room light…which is a pain when someone else is sleeping.
I usually pick my outfits for the next day ahead of time but sometimes a lady needs a wardrobe change…..and one top of being noisy, I need light.

I can see from one end of the closet to the other. I can find exactly what I need, even on the ground.


The lights are tiny but give a great range.
Will work for patios/decks, garage, hallways, bathrooms pantry, linen closets, laundry rooms, you name it!

Comes in a 2 pack, white or warm white.
I am very impressed.

Kitclan stick anywhere motion light


GreenForest Basket

This is great for carrying laundry up.
Storing living room blankets, throw pillow and bed pillows, socks, clothing and cat toys. Also for cats who like to jump into things……………………. and act like they own it…………20160925_180552_resized

It’s pretty roomy. Can handle king size linens without being overstuffed or looking strained.

I find it ideal for when I have extra pillows on the bed  but even though it looks great, you can’t really sleep on a bed full of pillows….I’ve tried.

So I take them off when it’s bedtime. Having this close at hand is perfect because I can throw them in. Or that huge comforter that gets in the way.

It collapses which makes it easy to store when not in use.

It has handles and drawstrings for easy carrying. And when you don’t want anyone to see what is inside.

So many uses for one item.  You can’t beat that.

This GreenForest basket   has blue stripes and white polka dots.  The size is about 18.2×12.4×10.8 inches)

Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

The hummingbird feeder was very easy to put together!
It also adds a nice touch to our plain backyard…which was sorely needed.

The feeder has 5  flower feeding ports and 5 circular perches so that attracts  more happy hummingbirds and holds about 13 oz of nectar.

The nectar can be bought or made at home.

The  strong cable  can be hung on a hook or a branch. It’s wide enough for a mid size branch as well. You can even use a nail.

It came with a brush that aids in cleaning. Which is also a breeze!
Just take it apart and clean, let dry and refill.

Love this addition to our backyard.

It pretty much goes anywhere. I moved it to different areas to see which one I liked best and then thought I can move it whenever the mood hits.

The CHILIPET hummingbird feeder  comes in red or copper.

14″ Tufted Square Storage Ottoman with Tray

This is a sturdy ottoman! And so beautiful.
The fabric looks great and can just be wiped off if dust collects or you spill on it.

It has handles for transport and I do like the white contrast.
I can fit a few throw pillows or blankets, cat toys, crafts/knits or whatever your fancy is.

It can even fit a nosy cat who has to jump into anything…………………….. last night it also became a cat bed……………

The top flips over and becomes a tray!
The only minor complaint is getting the top part off. It’s a bit tricky and could result in scratching the fabric. Maybe add a tag so it’s easier to flip over.

All in all I love it!
It’s a great addition to any room.




This ottoman is made by HomCom