Boot and Shoe Tray

Perfect for those who have small or no entry ways

Perfect for those who have small or no entry ways.
You can leave this at the front door, on the porch, mudroom, laundry room anywhere.20160917_130626-1_resized

It keeps muddy,wet you name it shoes dry and in one spot until you can clean them.
Hold at least 5 pairs of shoes/boots.

The tray is also easy to clean, just hose or wash off.

You can easily use this for other things…litter tray, feeding mat, under the bed shoe storage. So many uses.

The size is about 30″ x 15″ x 1.2″ . Colour Black

Consumer Powered HomeGoods Boot Tray


Pyle Vintage Turntable Gramophone Phonograph Vinyl Record Player, Vinyl-To-MP3 Recording

It takes me back to the old gramophone my mum inherited from my grandparents. Sweet memories.20160814_171943-1_resized

The Pyle Vintage Classic comes with all of this…. bluetooth/gramophone/phonograph/turntable/vinyl record player and vinyl to mp3 recording, screwdriver and a screws for the trumpet/horn.
So much to do it and try!

Bluetooth,Vinyl to MP3

I used it mostly through the blue tooth capabilities and played everything from reggae,soca,reggaeton, latin, pop,ballads, country…you name it.
The sound wasn’t too bad. I didn’t like that I had to put it really high.
It worked with my phone and tablet.

While it doesn’t look exactly like the photo on the site and the trumpet/horn part is cheap looking and hard to put together( I still never fit it correctly for fear of breaking it) it’s nice.
Also at times there was a screeching noise but it went away when I turned the volume down to the lowest setting.
Another thing, the instructions are difficult to read.

Pyle Classic Gramaphone is  a nice piece for those who remember this music system in the home and adds some sentiment.

GreenForest Basket

This is great for carrying laundry up.
Storing living room blankets, throw pillow and bed pillows, socks, clothing and cat toys. Also for cats who like to jump into things……………………. and act like they own it…………20160925_180552_resized

It’s pretty roomy. Can handle king size linens without being overstuffed or looking strained.

I find it ideal for when I have extra pillows on the bed  but even though it looks great, you can’t really sleep on a bed full of pillows….I’ve tried.

So I take them off when it’s bedtime. Having this close at hand is perfect because I can throw them in. Or that huge comforter that gets in the way.

It collapses which makes it easy to store when not in use.

It has handles and drawstrings for easy carrying. And when you don’t want anyone to see what is inside.

So many uses for one item.  You can’t beat that.

This GreenForest basket   has blue stripes and white polka dots.  The size is about 18.2×12.4×10.8 inches)

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

So many uses for one item!!!

This Scuddles picnic blanket aka beach blanket,movie in the park, finally reading the new book I bought,protection from rough concrete steps ,watching a game on wet/disgusting surface, I could go on and on IS a win!

For picnics or at the beach it can comfortably fit 4 people and food, books etc,
You can unfold as much or as little as you want.
It depends on the surface where you’ll sit.

Has a handle which makes it easy to carry and can fit into most beach and picnic bags. I have to say it even fits in a carry on. Yes you can travel on plane or train with it.
Unfolds easily and spreads right out. I was surprised that it didn’t have the folded wrinkles when opened. Not much smoothing out needed at all.

Easy to shake off and wipe off with wet wipes or antibacterial wipes.
If you get any type stains whether from food or grass wipe off with a warm soapy dish towel, wipe with another dish towel and hang or lay flat to dry.

I would also suggest that after wiping leave it open to dry or open up when you get home. So there is no fear of mildew or off putting smell from constant dampness.
Simple but clean design, no one can complain about loud colours.

I was expecting it to be a wee bit thicker but it’s still comfortable.
Love it!

Scuddles Waterproof Picnic Blanket


Elegant 8 Piece Bed-in-a-Bag – Fade Resistant, Wrinkle free Bedroom Set

Very nice comforter set. Comes with 8 pieces..a comforter,2 shams, 2 pillowcases, fitted and flat sheets and a small pillow.
I find the sheets to be soft. Very soft.
It feels nice to crawl into bed at the end of the long day and burrow yourself into this bed set. 20160901_232226-1_resized

Another plus is it looks very classy.
The colours are nice. Much brighter in person.
The workmanship is pretty good.

I also like that I can mix and match it with a similiar colour sheet or comforter.
Also the comforter is reversible.
I also find it so easy to make the bed in the mornings.

I washed on a eco-warm bedding setting and dried on the same.

Only thing there was a spot on the comforter that didn’t come out much even after laundering.20160901_231801_resized
I really like this Utopia Bedding Set

Flora Mcqueen Cinch Bag

Great cinch bag.
Looks and feels well made. The stitching looks good.
I especially like how the drawstring part is thicker and sturdier than any I’ve ever seen.20160730_191117_resized

Love that it has days of the week and each day has a face/emotion!
Also the colour means that I can take it to the gym/pool/outdoors and stains won’t show up as easily.

It can hold quite a number of items.
As soon as I got it I took it to the gym for my aqua class and hanging by the pool.
I have no worries about it getting wet and stinky.
It fit a beach towel, swimsuit,board shorts, water shoes, toiletry bag, cover up, goggles, water bottle and snack with room to spare.

It can lay flat or hang to dry..especially after pool time.

Think I’ll use it for hikes,trips to museums as well since it didn’t dig into my shoulders.20160730_192015_resized

It folds up small for travel so you can pack it to bring back dirty laundry(can be thrown into a cold wash after)
or you can pack shoes.
Plus it can work for the whole family and anyone can use.


FloraMcQueen bag

Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

The hummingbird feeder was very easy to put together!
It also adds a nice touch to our plain backyard…which was sorely needed.

The feeder has 5  flower feeding ports and 5 circular perches so that attracts  more happy hummingbirds and holds about 13 oz of nectar.

The nectar can be bought or made at home.

The  strong cable  can be hung on a hook or a branch. It’s wide enough for a mid size branch as well. You can even use a nail.

It came with a brush that aids in cleaning. Which is also a breeze!
Just take it apart and clean, let dry and refill.

Love this addition to our backyard.

It pretty much goes anywhere. I moved it to different areas to see which one I liked best and then thought I can move it whenever the mood hits.

The CHILIPET hummingbird feeder  comes in red or copper.

14″ Tufted Square Storage Ottoman with Tray

This is a sturdy ottoman! And so beautiful.
The fabric looks great and can just be wiped off if dust collects or you spill on it.

It has handles for transport and I do like the white contrast.
I can fit a few throw pillows or blankets, cat toys, crafts/knits or whatever your fancy is.

It can even fit a nosy cat who has to jump into anything…………………….. last night it also became a cat bed……………

The top flips over and becomes a tray!
The only minor complaint is getting the top part off. It’s a bit tricky and could result in scratching the fabric. Maybe add a tag so it’s easier to flip over.

All in all I love it!
It’s a great addition to any room.




This ottoman is made by HomCom

Knitted Poncho Cape

This  cape is very versatile and can fit many sizes.

It can be worn as a shawl, pashmina,large scarf, wrap, oversized cardigan or whatever style you come up with.

Dress it up for a night on the town or go casual with jeans.

This one is black/white on one side and grey/black on the other. It’s like having two different capes.

Great for games, picnics, bonfires, bbqs.

Now if you are like me and your scarves/ponchos unravel,add a brooch to the front. It will keep it secure and your hands are free!   Win Win!


Another good thing about this is it’s great for travel, does not take up much space at all. It folds up  and can be tucked into a suitcase, weekend bag, even a handbag.

Also great for those times when it’s cold and you need a  coat/warmth but when you get to your destination it’s too hot to keep the coat on.  This poncho comes in very handy!

When I took it out of the package there was a very strong smell coming from it.

I let it air out for a few days and then it wasn’t as bad.

If you do have to wash this I would suggest, hand wash or a very gentle cycle on cold and lay flat to dry.

Also lint attaches to this quickly so keeping a lint roller nearby isn’t a bad idea.


Poncho Shawl

Now if certain fabrics make you itchy, wearing long sleeves with this is a must.

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NutriChef Grill and Roaster

I decided to make breakfast on the grill, sure sure I know you can do fish, steak and all that but I’m different so why not? Woot!

To prep I took off the drip pan and rack , washed them and set to dry overnight.

Replaced them the next morning, plugged grill in and got to work.

I tried 3 slices of turkey bacon and 2 turkey sausage links.

I added water to the drip pan(do not get water on the coil),placed the slices and links on the rack and set it for 15 mins on the meat setting.20161008_134733

I checked every 5 minutes because I wasn’t sure how quickly the meat would cook and didn’t want it to burn.

First 4 mins  Looking good!

Came back again around the 9 minute mark and 2 slices of the bacon were close to burning. I realised after that this was where the coil was really close to the rack.

Checking on the goodies

I removed those overdone slices and left the rest on for a bit longer.

Took them off a few mins later and here are the results

A few things I noticed the coils are not evenly placed.  The left side is higher than the right which caused  the food on one side to be done before the other.

Also the drip pan and cover do not align.  Not sure why this is.

The links and slices(that weren’t burnt) had a really nice flavour and were still very nice and moist.

I will try some green vegetables next. Stay turned for that video!

Check it out the Nutrichef Grill and Roaster

*discount sample received for testing purposes.