Cable Knit Beanie

*Old Post

I ordered this beanie in black and have to say it arrived so much earlier than expected. The reported time was Feb 1. It was here before the 31st of December.



As I removed it from the package I noticed it was well made. The nicely braided strap decoration(not sure it’s leather) is pretty and the crest at the sides is quite a nice touch and breaks up the all black.
Upon further inspection I saw a few synthetic hairs inside and some glue.
I decided to wash it on a short cycle(I placed it in a mesh laundry bag)
I also dried it on delicate(in the same laundry bag)
It held up pretty well, the strap did not come off and the the knit stayed well put.
The glue is still there but I don’t think that will be much bother.

Yesterday and today were the coldest days so far and I am happy I had the beanie. It can slouch to the left, right or back , whatever my mood is 🙂
And it stretches enough to cover my ears!

This could just be me but I found it dried out and left my hair a bit frizzy. I’ll need to line it so it doesn’t tangle my hair. * I have curly hair.

I can’t wait to wear it this fall/winter.  I tried but it’s still too hot lol