Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Since living in the United States I noticed every Christmas there is a quest for ugly sweaters and people buying expensive  or asking around to borrow.

I don’t get this but who am I to judge?   *slightly judging lol

Here is this  men’s(anyone can wear) Home Alone  sweater from Amazon for $5.50.  Small and Medium only.


Small available Jan 28.

Filthy Animal in different colours and prices up to $12.  Also a Pokemon!


Star Wars and Reindeer sweaters. $1.50-5.


Fake Sweater T-shirt. Light blue/red. Prices range from$4-23.



Some of these will have shipping attached so just make a note.


Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain

Some days you are just going along and bam..sinus pain and pressure hits you.

Other days you feel it as soon as you wake up, or the night before.

Or it could be after a rough week dealing with allergies.

Honestly some days I think it just shows up to mess with you.

Whatever the case may be, sinus pressure can knock you out and take you off your game.

I found that Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain relieved some of the pressure in my face, any headaches,facial pain, congestion and just made it easier to continue on my day or just function.

I love that it deals with multiple sometimes sinus issues don’t just stick to one area.
I was less achy,didn’t feel as off balance. I just felt better!

It’s really something dealing with sinuses and achy bodies. Being able to breathe a bit better is awesome.
The things we take for granted.

I love snow and we don’t get it as much as I would like and the weekend it snows? Sinus pain and misery.
I was so happy to have Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain around, I took a dosage and in no time was able to frolick in the snow…yes frolick!
Well mainly take cutesy pictures lol

I highly recommend this product.

“This post was sponsored by Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”


Leader Accessories Sofa Cover

Great for households with pets or small kids.

Planning on getting new furniture?  This would be great!

We recently bought new furniture and while keeping in mind we have 2 cats, my husband fell in love with this sofa …….he-9636-3

After hours deciding we went with this and a lighter coloured sofa.

We figured we could add throws/blankets to keep the fur off as much as we can.

They only helped so much.
Saw this pet sofa cover for review on Tomoson at a discount and thought hey let me try it!

Now while it’s a wee bit too small for this  recliner sofa( bulky but soft) it still covers the most important parts, the seat, arm rest/sides,front and back rest.20170104_173800-1_resized


The cover is soft to the touch and great for not only fur but to prevent any  dirt,spills/accidents from reaching the sofa whether caused by humans or cats

It has a nice quilt pattern and the  colour is great for most decors.You can chose tan of coffee from the site.

It can be laundered or just use a lint brush. Even just shake it outside.

There are 4 small pillow(foam) pieces which allow you to insert them into the sides and back of the sofa to keep it in place.

If you do this on the bigger recliners, the back will surely keep falling down.  On a regular sofa no such problems.


Our boy cat Booster was so excited, he jumped up right away and inspected it.

I think he approves.  He tried to help me set it in place which took forever!



Sometimes unless their white fur was showing it was hard to tell if they on the couch!





It is so easy to put on and take off.  No having to stretch or tie to fit over the sofa.

It’s says water repellant and soil proof. Use common sense though, don’t throw a glass of wine on it to “test” or plop a wet animal  just to see.

Check out the Leader Accessories  sofa/loveseat/chair cover here.