Advil® PM

I am limited in what type of pills I can take.  Some I can take in moderation.

Thankfully Advil is one of those.

My sinuses, bad sleeping habits and achy joints have been paining me for a bit.

While sometimes my allergy medicine works other times I am a wreck.

I have headaches and sinus pain that can wake me up and I barely make it through the day. The non-relief of pain causes anxiety and other stresses on the body. So all around I’m a bloody mess.

I was happy when chosen by Crowdtap to sample AdvilPM.   One of the main things that captured my attention was it’s non habit forming.   Could it be true?20160825_224915-1_resized

The first night I tried them I wasn’t expecting much. I took  2  pills  30 minutes before bed.

I usually read a book or play a few games before nodding off but I was so drowsy I fell right asleep!

I didn’t wake up once!  Not even to use the bathroom.  And let me tell you..I was refreshed.

I was able to enjoy my day without feeling like a zombie.wellrestedcrowdtap

Look at face…well look at it!!! 🙂

I didn’t take them for another 2 weeks or so but I had to get up earlier than normal.

While I slept through ,I will say make sure you get enough rest because you can still feel out of it.

I was able to lounge outside and get some reading in. I enjoyed the beautiful day!20160828_153848_resized

Not bad eh?

I have to say a few nights I did not take AdvilPM just in case it was habit forming…just in case.

I don’t feel the need to take them with every sinus face pain, joint pain, or headache.

I will say that they work and work well.

As always medicines have side effects, check with your physician before taking anything.

I received this product from Crowdtap to review.