Pyle Vintage Turntable Gramophone Phonograph Vinyl Record Player, Vinyl-To-MP3 Recording

It takes me back to the old gramophone my mum inherited from my grandparents. Sweet memories.20160814_171943-1_resized

The Pyle Vintage Classic comes with all of this…. bluetooth/gramophone/phonograph/turntable/vinyl record player and vinyl to mp3 recording, screwdriver and a screws for the trumpet/horn.
So much to do it and try!

Bluetooth,Vinyl to MP3

I used it mostly through the blue tooth capabilities and played everything from reggae,soca,reggaeton, latin, pop,ballads, country…you name it.
The sound wasn’t too bad. I didn’t like that I had to put it really high.
It worked with my phone and tablet.

While it doesn’t look exactly like the photo on the site and the trumpet/horn part is cheap looking and hard to put together( I still never fit it correctly for fear of breaking it) it’s nice.
Also at times there was a screeching noise but it went away when I turned the volume down to the lowest setting.
Another thing, the instructions are difficult to read.

Pyle Classic Gramaphone is  a nice piece for those who remember this music system in the home and adds some sentiment.

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