Waterproof Picnic Blanket

So many uses for one item!!!

This Scuddles picnic blanket aka beach blanket,movie in the park, finally reading the new book I bought,protection from rough concrete steps ,watching a game on wet/disgusting surface, I could go on and on IS a win!

For picnics or at the beach it can comfortably fit 4 people and food, books etc,
You can unfold as much or as little as you want.
It depends on the surface where you’ll sit.

Has a handle which makes it easy to carry and can fit into most beach and picnic bags. I have to say it even fits in a carry on. Yes you can travel on plane or train with it.
Unfolds easily and spreads right out. I was surprised that it didn’t have the folded wrinkles when opened. Not much smoothing out needed at all.

Easy to shake off and wipe off with wet wipes or antibacterial wipes.
If you get any type stains whether from food or grass wipe off with a warm soapy dish towel, wipe with another dish towel and hang or lay flat to dry.

I would also suggest that after wiping leave it open to dry or open up when you get home. So there is no fear of mildew or off putting smell from constant dampness.
Simple but clean design, no one can complain about loud colours.

I was expecting it to be a wee bit thicker but it’s still comfortable.
Love it!

Scuddles Waterproof Picnic Blanket


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