Knitted Poncho Cape

This  cape is very versatile and can fit many sizes.

It can be worn as a shawl, pashmina,large scarf, wrap, oversized cardigan or whatever style you come up with.

Dress it up for a night on the town or go casual with jeans.

This one is black/white on one side and grey/black on the other. It’s like having two different capes.

Great for games, picnics, bonfires, bbqs.

Now if you are like me and your scarves/ponchos unravel,add a brooch to the front. It will keep it secure and your hands are free!   Win Win!


Another good thing about this is it’s great for travel, does not take up much space at all. It folds up  and can be tucked into a suitcase, weekend bag, even a handbag.

Also great for those times when it’s cold and you need a  coat/warmth but when you get to your destination it’s too hot to keep the coat on.  This poncho comes in very handy!

When I took it out of the package there was a very strong smell coming from it.

I let it air out for a few days and then it wasn’t as bad.

If you do have to wash this I would suggest, hand wash or a very gentle cycle on cold and lay flat to dry.

Also lint attaches to this quickly so keeping a lint roller nearby isn’t a bad idea.


Poncho Shawl

Now if certain fabrics make you itchy, wearing long sleeves with this is a must.

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