4pc Set Latex Free blender sponges for Blending Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

I love that this 4 pc set is odor free, eco friendly, hypoallergenic and latex free!
Those with latex allergies, sensitive skin issues and earth friendly will be pleased.

I used these with liquid make-up.
Just a few small drops onto the upper top(smaller area) of the sponge and dabbed onto the face.
Now instead of my usual way of applying foundation( wiping all over my face) I patted the sponge around my face and then lightly pressed to blend.

I found it gave a very nice coverage, I could control the amount better and was easy to apply. Very easy!!!

No more going over and over trying to get it right, just pat and easy coverage and it looked very natural.

The sponge felt very soft against my skin.

Now there were no instructions on how to correctly use the blending sponges(not everyone knows how) So I had to look it up.
Also how to clean? Washing them out is not easy.
I have no idea how.

Makeup Sponges

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*discount sample received for testing purposes.

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